1. pastyv6 says

    la cancion esta muy bien pero los sonidos y ritmos de casio son una mierda y yo tengo un casio tambien…pero en el desvan de la casa jajaja los mejores son los korg saludos compañero….

  2. sauermusicDE says

    I’m very impressed by all these “style conversion” videos with the CTK-731. Your dance version of “Oxygene” sounds really great.

  3. feniceironica says

    Cool! I’ve got a yamaha psr 3000… do you now where I can find that house style and the others style of yamaha 9000??? they are perfect!!!!!!!!! please help me!

  4. pedro614 says

    it still sucks why dont you just get a yamaha casio is the shitiest keyboards on the lant i had the bggse wk 3700 and hated it piece of shot cheap junk throw it out your window

  5. vidmaker8294 says

    How the Hell do you Convert that?! It’s EXTREMELY Difficult For Me!!!

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