Demo song list for a Yamaha keyboard?

I have a Yamaha P-140 keyboard, and it has 50 built in songs that it plays. I am trying to locate a list of these songs that will tell me the names/composers of them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Yamaha's website did not have it. At least I looked and I didn't find anything.


  1. Wendal says

    The following has been copied from the user manual (page 58). It looks much cleaner in the PDF that has been linked as my source.

    No. Title Composer
    1 Invention No. 1 J.S.Bach
    2 Invention No. 8 J.S.Bach
    3 Gavotte J.S.Bach
    4 Prelude (Wohltemperierte Klavier I No.1) J.S.Bach
    5 Menuett G dur BWV.Anh.114 J.S.Bach
    6 Le Coucou L-C.Daquin
    7 Piano Sonate No.15 K.545 1st mov. W.A.Mozart
    8 Turkish March W.A.Mozart
    9 Menuett G dur W.A.Mozart
    10 Little Serenade J.Haydn
    11 Perpetuum mobile C.M.v.Weber
    12 Ecossaise L.v.Beethoven
    13 Für Elise L.v.Beethoven
    14 Marcia alla Turca L.v.Beethoven
    15 Piano Sonate op.13 “Pathétique” 2nd mov. L.v.Beethoven
    16 Piano Sonate op.27-2 “Mondschein” 1st mov. L.v.Beethoven
    17 Piano Sonate op.49-2 1st mov. L.v.Beethoven
    18 Impromptu op.90-2 F.P.Schubert
    19 Moments Musicaux op.94-3 F.P.Schubert
    20 Frühlingslied op.62-2 J.L.F.Mendelssohn
    21 Jägerlied op.19b-3 J.L.F.Mendelssohn
    22 Fantaisie-Impromptu F.F.Chopin
    23 Prelude op.28-15 “Raindrop” F.F.Chopin
    24 Etude op.10-5 “Black keys” F.F.Chopin
    25 Etude op.10-3 “Chanson de l’adieu” F.F.Chopin
    26 Etude op.10-12 “Revolutionary” F.F.Chopin
    27 Valse op.64-1 “Petit chien” F.F.Chopin
    28 Valse op.64-2 F.F.Chopin
    29 Valse op.69-1 “L’adieu” F.F.Chopin
    30 Nocturne op.9-2 F.F.Chopin
    31 Träumerei R.Schumann
    32 Fröhlicher Landmann R.Schumann
    33 La prière d’une Vierge T.Badarzewska
    34 Dolly’s Dreaming and Awakening T.Oesten
    35 Arabesque J.F.Burgmüller
    36 Pastorale J.F.Burgmüller
    37 La chevaleresque J.F.Burgmüller
    38 Liebesträume Nr.3 F.Liszt
    39 Blumenlied G.Lange
    40 Barcarolle P.I.Tchaikovsky
    41 Melody in F A.Rubinstein
    42 Humoresque A.Dvorák
    43 Tango (España) I.Albéniz
    44 The Entertainer S.Joplin
    45 Maple Leaf Rag S.Joplin
    46 La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin C.A.Debussy
    47 Arabesque 1 C.A.Debussy
    48 Clair de lune C.A.Debussy
    49 Rêverie C.A.Debussy
    50 Golliwog’s Cakewalk C.A.Debussy

  2. Maggie says

    hi, I like the 50 built in song list in the Yamaha keyboard model E223 that i have bought recently. Any possible to email me the music sheet in softcopy?

    Many thanks.

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